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MC SKIN STUDIO aims to show you the way for you to feel comfortable within your own skin by reinforcing your self-esteem. I will work on you, giving you what your skin needs. I want you to let me know what you want to improve, and based on it we will work on your individual requirements. My priority is that you be treated as you deserve, and that MC SKIN STUDIO be a pleasant, harmonious and responsible place for you to visit again.


Like many girls in Cuba, I dreamed of leaving there one day to fulfill a dream, mine was to have a spa. I had the opportunity to emigrate. I was accompanied by a survival instinct, tenacity and a positive mind. I had a suitcase loaded with illusions in one hand, and on the other one, my little son, with whom I had decided to cross the border, to meet my husband in the United States.

Five years after I had arrived to this land, which opened its doors to me, I am convinced that everything can be achieved if you are focused, perseverant, hard worker and you keep yourself actualized on what you do.

Today, that girl’s dream who became a woman is the dream of my entire family and of all those who have believed in me, and have supported me in this process.

I achieved my goal and now I want to help you to look and feel better at MC SKIN STUDIO, that you can feel it as your second home with the warmth and closeness that this means.

You are the true protagonist in this space where we will take care of you and your skin.


MC SKIN STUDIO’s mission is to help you to get security and confidence in your skin, attending your needs, working on you, on what bothers you, and on what you need to improve. I will help support you to reduce your fears and not to be vulnerable to your imperfections. I want you to be plenty satisfied for being heard and well attended. We are an honest and responsible brand which priority is the well-being of our customers.


My vision is to give you messages which allow you to make positive changes in your person. All skins are different, each skin is a book to decode and this is the real secret. We are committed to provide you with unique care and to have the satisfaction of having transformed your skin with true results, also, that you can feel the closeness and the human side of our work team.